G Ex Plus – Guitar Lessons Melbourne Hour

1 hour lesson / week for 5 consecutive weeks

Australian GST included.

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G Ex Plus – Guitar Lessons Melbourne Hour

AUD$ 300.00 AUD$ 275.00

1 hour lesson / week for 5 consecutive weeks

Australian GST included.


Hour Lesson – G Ex Plus Bundle Savings

Take advantage of our Guitar Lessons Melbourne service and you’ll well on your way to achieving your musical goals.

Welcome to our Guitar Lessons Melbourne Service with Pat Lajoie RGT@LCM

Guitar Lessons in Melbourne

Guitar Lessons in Melbourne


 The Hour Lessons – G Ex Plus Bundle gets you 5 x hour lessons.

Are you looking to become a better musician?

Firstly by investing in your music education you will be guided by an experienced professional guitarist. As well as teaching music theory, you will be learning specific playing techniques used in various contemporary styles.

By following the rgt@lcm system you will  be traveling the path to achieving your musical goals in a fun and structured way.

Get Recognition for your Learning?

By utilising our Guitar Lessons Melbourne service, your lessons may lead you to an internationally recognised qualification in electric, rock, acoustic, jazz, classical or bass guitar.

If you want to get recognition for your efforts, Pat is able to guide you towards a Music Performance qualification through the London College of Music.

Music performance exams are managed by London College of Music (one of the world’s most respected music exam boards) and certificated by the University of West London.

All exams are held from total beginner level through to Diploma.

Therefore, you may want to sit graded exams.

Benefits of Taking Examinations through the RGT@LCM system.

The following is a short list of how sitting for exams may be of benefit to you;

      • Gain a useful and internationally recognised qualification.
      • Achieve your playing potential by setting yourself a clear target to aspire to.
      • Find out, via a reliable and independent assessment, what standard your playing is.
      • Preparing for the exam will help you develop all aspects of your playing in a structured way, increase your knowledge of guitar techniques and music theory

In addition you will growing in confidence as you move through the grades.

Just for Fun

However if you’re wanting to learn music just for fun, Pat is also more than happy to help you there too. After all, this is the entertainment industry, where the more fun you have, the better off you are. Pat aims to keep his students entertained and motivated and as they gain more experience their confidence in music performance also begins to grow. As a result he’ll get you to understand how music works and quickly applying the techniques to the guitar.

Master Harmony, Scales and Modes, Arpeggios, Intervals and more

The most important thing to remember when it comes to learning music is to have as much fun with it as possible. This is the entertainment industry, so the more fun you have, the more fans you are likely to attract.

Have fun learning and creating your music by applying music theory covered in lessons. These are the same skills professional musicians use everyday. Additionally, the learning materials have all been laid out in a friendly logical way. This will allow you to absorb the music theory and playing techniques in a quickest possible way.

In conclusion we aim to make your learning process as much fun as possible.


      • Jazz
      • Funk
      • Fusion
      • Soul
      • Contemporary Pop
      • Adult Contemporary
      • Rock
      • Blues
      • Hip Hop



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