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Introducing the new G Ex Guitar Master Series – Online eCourses.

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Now you can develop your guitar playing to a professional level by taking our new Guitar Master Series eCourses.

Most guitarists who play at a professional level in Jazz have at some stage in their formative years worked with an instructor who was able to keep them motivated enough to internalise all the necessary musical concepts and performance techniques in order for them to reach their musical goals.


The importance of maintaining your focus when working towards achieving your musical goals.

Let’s face it, in today’s world there’s a lot of information everywhere, but usually it’s delivered in a series of videos or books without any real way of communicating with the content provider on a regular on-going basis as you work through the material. In my experience, what I come to find out from past students, is that a lot of advancing guitarist buy these videos and books with the intention of developing their playing further, but find themselves leaving the videos dormant on their hard drives unwatched after they’ve watched it the first couple of times, and similarly, the books end up mostly sitting still on the shelf after an initial quick read.

Unfortunately, after a period of time they forget they actually brought the videos and / or books, and if lucky they end up internalising only a fraction of the material presented. As such they are not in the position to play the material presented on a gig. So what’s going on here? To my mind, when you don’t have an instructor to work with you and keep you focused on your journey, it becomes easy for the student to sometimes get lazy and distracted. This usually results in a lot of time being wasted. Like any thing worthwhile in life, reaching your musical aspirations will require focused energy on an on-going basis. After all. you need to realise that’s what your favourite players have had to do to get their playing to such a high level.


Staying on track

I started Guitar Explorations because I felt it was important to have some form of personal contact with my students, so that I could hear their feedback as they work with the material, keep them motivated along their path, and be available to resolve any questions they may have. That’s why each online course features a 1 hour/week online chat with your instructor to allow you to ask any questions you may have.

When you enrol in our courses, you begin studying all the necessary theory and playing techniques that may eventually lead to a professional level of playing. It’s really up to you as to how far you creatively take the material presented.


Let’s do this

There’s a lot of fun to be had in composing and playing on your own tunes. Your music is there, waiting for you to discover it and bring to the world.

Now you can study guitar with a seasoned pro, in the comfort of your own home and have complete access to all lesson materials 24 / 7.

Looking forward to working with you soon.

Here’s the link to the G Ex Guitar school:

Pat Lajoie