Are you ready to learn Jazz / Contemporary Jazz Guitar?

  • Jazz/Rock Guitar Lessons

    Cover all the bases, taught by seasoned professional guitarist

  • Harmony and Scales

    Discover techniques used by the pros and free your creativity

  • Composition and Arranging Techniques

    Arrange your composition for solo performance or for an ensemble

Have you wanted to be able to;

Compose your own music?

Play guitar at Professional level?

Record, mix and master your new CDs?

Be in a position where you could produce an income by distributing your music to the world online?

As a career musician (25 years and counting) and educator, Pat Lajoie has developed a systematic comprehensive approach to teaching improvisation and composition for guitar. He developed this system with a focus on how best to deliver real proven results to his students in the shortest amount of time.

If you are prepared to work with Pat, this systematic approach will ultimately save you time (and money) in getting you to understand how music works and how it is applied to the guitar.

During your lesson time, Pat wants you to know that he holds nothing back when teaching his students. When sign up for lessons with Pat you expect to get his full undivided attention to help you achieve your musical goals.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been playing for a short time or been at it for years. Pat can help you with how to master the guitar.

There’s no better time to start on the road to achieving your musical dreams. So contact Pat now to organise your weekly lesson time.

Some of the essential topics covered in lessons include;

Scales / Modes

Single Note Soloing…how and when to play different scales, how to practice scales, how to improvise using scales and various playing techniques over chord progressions.

Chords and Arpeggios

How they are constructed, how they function in progressions, how they can be substituted and varied, and finally, how to play chord solos and chordal accompaniment.

Composition and Songwriting

Write and arrange your own songs to a professional level.

Music Production

Discover how to record your own compositions at home and have them sounding like a pro-production.

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