Pat Lajoie – Jazz Guitarist / Producer

Pat Lajoie is the founder of

In his hometown of Melbourne, Australia you will find Pat playing various local gigs and running his private music school from his home.

Pat started his studies in Jazz guitar back in 1981 with Guitarist Mark Cally, who now resides in Los Angeles and teaches at Musician Institute. After working with Mark for 3 years, Mark recommended Pat to study with Melbourne jazz guitar icon Bruce Clarke which he did for a year.

Pat Lajoie on Skype
Pat Playing Live

Pat has travelled to NYC on numerous occasions during the 90s in order to  continue his studies and experience the NYC jazz scene first hand. During these visits Pat managed to study guitar with contemporary guitarist / educator Bruce Arnold an others.

In 1996, Pat attended a jazz guitar masterclass workshop with guitar great, John Scofield. A highlight for Pat was that he managed to sit in with John Scofield’s trio during the final performances.

A week later Pat also attended two other masterclass workshops with Jim Hall and Pat Martino.


Nowadays, Pat is busy composing and producing his original music as well as producing for other clients.

He has also been very successful getting his original music placed in music libraries globally.

His music experience over the years have allowed him to perform internationally in a wide variety of music styles including Jazz, Rock, Blues and Adult Contemporary pop.

Music is our art and our passion. Our goal is to create the best Guitar Lessons site with an eye for detail and a high standard for musical aesthetic excellence.

All guitar courses material have been acquired and development over many years of study and through my application of various techniques and concepts on live gigs.

Pat holds a Master Certificate in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music online school.

He is currently studying towards a Professional Certificate in General Music  from Berklee College of Music online school.

He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from RMIT University Melbourne.

Some of the Essential Musicianship Skills Covered in Lessons are;

Chords and Scales
Rhythmic Studies
Songwriting / Composition
Arranging and Reharmonization Techniques
Contemporary Improvisation Concepts

So if you are relatively new to guitar or been playing for years and looking to develop your guitar playing further, Pat can help you.

He created Guitar Explorations with the intention of bringing a complete, contemporary, and practically thorough systematic approach to mastering the guitar to you.

With the massive amount of guitar related information out there, it can be difficult to progress without knowing how to organize your time or what practice next in order to get a complete understanding of music theory and how it’s applied to the guitar.