Are you relatively new to guitar and looking to develop your playing to a professional standard?

Or, perhaps you have years of playing experience, but feel like exploring new musical avenues.

Pat Lajoie

Pat Lajoie

No matter what your past experience is with the guitar, I can help you get where you want to be as a guitarist.

I created Guitar Explorations with the intention of bringing complete, well informed and thorough guitar lessons to you.

With the massive amount of guitar related information out there, it can be difficult to progress without knowing how to organize your time or what practice next.

Everything on Guitar Explorations is focused around immediately getting you playing and understanding scales and chords for Jazz guitar, whether you’re a beginner or a gigging musician.

Pat Lajoie

Guitarist / Composer

Pat Lajoie

Pat Lajoie is the founder of and he is a very experienced professional guitarist, composer and music educator.

In his hometown of Melbourne, Australia you will find Pat playing various local gigs and running his private music school from his home.

Pat is an avid music producer of original music. He has been very successful getting his original music placed in music libraries globally.

His music experience over the years have allowed him to perform internationally in a wide variety of music styles including Jazz, Rock, Blues and Adult Contemporary pop.

Why you should study with me?

 Essential Music Skills

Music is our art and our passion. Our goal is to create the best Guitar Lessons site with an eye for detail and a high standard for musical aesthetic excellence.

All guitar courses material have been acquired and development over many years of study and through my application of various techniques and concepts on live gigs.

Chord Scale Relationships
The Jazz Repertoire
Songwriting / Composition
Picking Techniques
Advanced Soloing Concepts

So, if you feel ready to move your playing to the next level sign up for guitar lessons today. 

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